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5 Foods That Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Human Body Secrets more than 50 hormones in body which has different functions and are very important for proper functioning of the internal organs, endocrine cells in body produced wide variety of chemical substance which are in the glands, the endocrine system which is tightly linked to nervous system controls lot of functions in the body.

Hormones can also be called as chemical messengers for the body; each hormone react accordingly in respect to situations faced by human body, out of this Testosterone Hormone is an important main sex hormone which are found in men and has a strong controlling male physical features.

Why Testosterone hormone is so important for Males?

It helps in bringing change in physical features that turn boy into man such as

1) Changes in body and face

2) Growth body Hair

3) Change in Voice

4) Growth of Penis and Testes

5) Building of muscles and strong bones

6) Apart from this Male require this hormone to make sperms which helps them to increase family hereditary

5 Important Food to Boost Testosterone level in human body naturally

As we have already discussed above that testosterone is responsible for Overall changes in Male Body which makes a boy to step in as a man after sometime, this change cannot be defined correctly as some attains this maturity way before time and for some it takes time but it is clear that testosterone hormone keeps on decreasing in man so whether it could be because of some disease or because of increasing age in both these cases there will be low T, so to increase this low T certain important food has to be taken in order to regain this hormone, these foods are mentioned below with details


Tuna the fish is one of the best source which helps in increasing low T as it is rich in vitamin D and has also been an effective food for longer life and testosterone production, apart from this Tuna is low calorie food which is rich in protein and is also good for heart.

Eating Tuna will complete your daily dose of vitamin D.

2) Pomegranate

As a fruit pomegranate serves the best testosterone boosting food, a glass of pomegranate juice daily has a tendency to increase your testosterone level anything from between 16% to 30% not only this it is also a high fiber rich diet which helps to lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation and improves level of HDL Cholesterol and also helps in shedding excess weight around abdomen

3) Low Fat Milk

Low Fat Milk can also help a lot in increasing testosterone levels in body as it is already known that milk is great source of protein and calcium, milk is always good for human bones and low fat milk with vitamin D keeps testosterone level in check.

4) Egg Yolks

These are rich source of vitamin D and may prove to be one of the best source for increasing low Testosterone. Egg yolks contains higher nutrients than egg whites, it is advice to take one egg per day in order to maintain Testosterone levels in body.

5) Spinach

Spinach which is packed with mineral magnesium has great tendency to increase low T levels in the body, Magnesium plays a very important role in the development of muscle and reproduction functions, many researchers have found that magnesium increase testosterone level in athletes and non active person very quickly.

Apart from these five most important food which increases the testosterone levels in the body there are certain more food which helps in increasing testosterone levels which are as follows

Olive oil, oysters, coconut, cruciferous vegetables, whey protein, garlic are to name some. Besides these there are certain techniques through which increase in low T can be attained which can be through regular exercise, Yoga and the way of living of the person.

After reading this article you must be thinking that whether Low T is really a concern for a person who has attain everything in life i.e. muscles, marriage, kids etc so the answer is yes testosterone not only help in functioning of the overall growth of the body but it is also a vital hormone which should be maintained throughout the human life cycle as this hormone can cause the following disorder in human body which can lead to

a) Changes in Cholesterol levels

b) Decrease in muscle mass with increased body fat

c) Low hemoglobin

d) Can cause osteoporosis

e) Falling of hair etc

You can easily find out whether testosterone level is under range or not so through the doctors measurement of the amount of testosterone levels in your blood, since it keeps on fluctuating throughout the day hence several measures has to be taken in order to keep a track on the T levels, the best time to track the testosterone levels in the body is in the morning when testosterone levels are the highest.