Friday , 15 December 2017
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Allianz-EFU to launch Window Takaful operations

Allianz-EFU Health Insurance Ltd, the first specialized health insurance company in Pakistan introduced Window Takaful Operations, licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).Allianz EFU
Allianz EFU Window Takaful Operations will be available to both Corporate and Individual Health Takaful customers. Allianz EFU’s Health Takaful offers Shariah compliant approved products providing comprehensive medical coverage that is reliable, convenient, hassle free and cost effective. Salient features include:
Hospital Care to cover hospitalization expenses due to sickness or injury, Major Medical Care enhances the limits of Hospital Care to cater for the costly medical treatment like major surgeries and prolonged hospitalization, Maternity Care covers the expenses incurred upon childbirth and its complications, Outpatient Care takes care of the medical expenses for problems that usually do not require hospitalization.
Allianz EFU through its Window Takaful Operations aims to provide the much needed impetus for health Takaful coverage to all segments of the population across Pakistan.