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Islamabad Drama comes to End

it was not a scene of a Hollywood movie when a brave former MNA managed to get hold of an armed person, who kept Islamabad hostage for almost islamabad-manfive hours, followed by lightning operation by the city police and commandoes to overpower the gunman Thursday evening.During this operation, the gunman identified Sikander received a couple of bullet wounds in his leg and lower half. According to a police official, his wife who was along with him during this incident also got a bullet in her leg.
The police immediately taken both the injured to the Policlinic from where they were shifted to PIMS Hospital for medical treatment. Duty doctors in the hospital told scribe that Sikandar is in critical condition.
Earlier in the evening, the gun man along with his wife and two children, drove his black car, bearing a fake registration number, into to the heart of Islamabad and parked it in the middle of the road about 300 meters from the Parliament House.
Holding the weapons in his both hands, he continued to spread horror in the heart of federal capital for hours making the police and other law enforcement agencies blunt as how to control the situation.
This episode continued for about five hours during which the wife of the gunman played the role of a messenger between her husband and the police force head by SSP Operations Dr. Rizwan. However, no progress was made as the gunman was unwilling to surrender before holding talks with the police.He was demanding enforcement of Islami shariah in the country.
In the night hours, Zamurad, while risking his life and apparently giving the impression that he was there for negotiations, met the gunman man. However, Zamurd had something else in his mind. While greeting the kids of gunman, Zamurd jumped on to the gunman to overpower him, but slipped and fell down. However, his bravery gave the police a chance to get hold of the gunman and they did not make any mistake..
It is still a mystery as how did the man, armed with latest weapons, managed to reach in the high security zone that is surrounded by a dozen of police pickets.

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