Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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Takaful and Conventional Financial System in Pakistan”

Takaful and Conventional Financial System in Pakistan”

The Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) in collaboration with Department of Finance, SBE organized a seminar on Takaful and murtaza subhani  DFTConventional Fiancial System in Pakistan. The main purpose of the seminar was to give participants and students of MS Fianance a broad overview of the main principles and sources governing Islamic Finance products, especially on Takaful. The seminar covers the brief overview on the concept of conventional Insurance, Banking, Mutual Funds, Takaful and its role in the Pakistan economy and how Wakalah-Waqf system operates in the context of Shariah Compliance teachings. The seminar aims at highlighting the interaction and difference between Takaful as an Islamic finance product and Insurance as conventional financial product.

The guest speaker Mr. Murtaza Subhani, is working as an ‘Assistant Head Trainning and Development for Central and North Regions’ in Dawood Family Takaful Limited for the last couple of years. His previous employment remains within the Financial Services Sector carrying  an exclusive track record of 8 Years. He has done his graduation in Business Studies from University of Management & Technology (UMT). Academia is proud of such Alumni who has started his career in the very first year of his graduation, with the passage of time he gained professional experience parallel to his graduation and specialization. Contributed what he learned and self financed himself to carry on his desires. As a student, he ethically and morally devoted himself towards learning and was been enlisted as a bright student by faculty memebers of UMT.

murtaza subhani  DFT